Sunday, September 14, 2008

Organizing a Baptism

September 14, 2008

Life is good in New Zealand! Not much has been going on this week, the same old thing I guess. We do a lot of door-knocking, street contacting, teaching appointments, district meeting, and planning sessions.

We did try out some new finding ideas, however. One of them, the most successful, was the free car wash. We had heaps of fun doing the car wash. Three other elders and I stood on the curb and held up signs saying "free car wash". We yelled out to people inviting them to the free car wash. While the people's cars were being washed, they took a free tour of the chapel (the carwash was in the church parking lot). We got many call-backs but no new investigators. In Hastings (Napier's sister city), they got 7 new investigators from the same idea. Napier must not be as productive. That is ok. I love Napier none-the-less.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

July in a New Zealand winter

Well . . . another great week! Elder Chow and I are still doing great.

This week was full of good, but usual, experiences.Tuesday, we did 2 1/2 hours of finding. During our finding efforts we actually found someone!!! Definitely one of the highlights of the week. Jay is a girl in her 20's, she has a couple of kids. When we presented our initial door-approach. She was just amazed. Our inspired theme for that day was simply the Book of Mormon. She had never heard of the book and was interested to read it. We gave her a copy and told her basically what it was about. She was super amazed and excited when she heard there was a prophet on the earth today. We are so blessed.

After finding we did service (digging up a tree) for George and Elizabeth, an older couple that the missionaries have known for ages. They are not members of the church, and they are not interested. They love the missionaries, however, and love to have us over for tea(dinner. I'm not breaking the word of wisdom, that is just what they call it).

Wednesday was another service day. Every wednesday I play the piano at the local retirement community. They love to have us over, and they feed us. I play a good dose of the hymns intermingled with my classical music. We then did more finding. . . 2 1/2 hours. We then had tea with the Fifield family. The rest of the week was the same type of thing. 2 - 2 1/2 hours of finding a day (with no success). We usually have a teaching apointment or two.

Thursday we got our hair cuts. Friday, nothing really special, we taught a 10 year-old girl who will be baptised soon. It has been hard to teach her. She has some learning disabilities, so we have to quiz her all the time. Her family is the biggest help. They are active members of the church.

Saturday was actually my highlight. We did MORE finding in the morning, then went to visit people out in the country with Bro. Hanara. Bro. Hanara is our ward mission leader. We visited these really cool people. They own a farm out in a place called Omahu Fernhill. As soon as we got talking we just couldn't stop. We talked about it all. Soon enough, their curiosity got the best of them. They asked us what a couple of Americans and a Maori are doing knocking on there door. So the whole conversation changed. We talked about the church. They were mildly interested in The Book of Mormon. We left them a copy, and some suggested readings. Before we left they gave us a whole quarter of Venison! His farm is a Deer Farm! How lucky and blessed are we. We went home, thawed it over night, and I cut it up. I knew my hunting skills would come in handy some day. We are now going to have heaps of steak and hamburgers. We have to eat it within' the next week, or it will go bad. We can't freeze it because you can't freeze meat again. Wow we are blessed.

Well now you know my weekly routine. I love you all. I pray for everyone of you daily. Please stay closeto the Lord. Please DO YOUR MISSIONARY WORK.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Elder Alexander got a transfere back to Napier, in a new area

This area has not been very active in the past. Actually, this area has not had a convert baptism for a little over a year! The ward is finally seeing the friuts of our efforts! We are very close to more baptisms here in Taradale, Napier. I am so humbled! I realy don't feel like I have done much. Then I realize that it hasn't been me at all. God is at work here, and I am blessed to be a part of it. In the last few days we have seen HEAPS of progression. Earlier this morning Bro. Halbert came knocing on our door. About a week ago we challenged him to give out a Book of Mormon to a friend. This morning, however, he had a different story to tell. He had given out 3 copies of the Book of Mormon! All of them want us to come and teach them about it!!!